Been a Long time…

Since I had a moment to sit down and relax and think about what I wanted to write about on the blog going forward.

It seems like having autoimmune diseases, and living the most vibrant life I can are pretty ok existing together in my world. I changed my diet, and revamped my life for a year and not much changed in terms of blood work. So at this point, I’m still running and running autoimmune, but I don’t think my disease runs me. We just agreed to chill in the same space and not sleep with anyone else. (More than I can say for some folks I’ve lived with).

So now what? I still want to write, and I have, obviously, a lot to say.  I think I will check in here once in a while, but use the blog on my personal site to document my life as a teacher in the hood.

What does that mean for you? Well. You will still get all the juicy, gossipy bits of my life, peppered with stories of relationships and lives past, just for some humor.  I like to point and laugh at all the stupid people who have come and gone from my life over the last 25 or so years of adulthood.  But the day to day life will be elsewhere- drop a line if you want a link…..

I ran the Baltimore Women’s Classic, had some of my fastest miles in IDK how long! It was so hot, my clothes were soaked through and I had to shove handfulls of salty pretzels in my mouth immediately after…. but it was really fun to run with the badass ladies I met in the training…. I’m thinking of joining the next training group, as I love the motivation AND I have a half in September to get in gear for.




Baltimore 5K this weekend!

Yesterday it was hot. Like really hot. And so fucking humid I could barely breathe outside. Maryland is humid….. so much more so than Jersey…. I imagine being so close to the water has something to do with it, but still. It was HOT. Heat index over 100.

And it was also our last training run before the race this sunday. This will be my first 5k since the marathon, and prior to that I don’t remember the last 5k I have run….. its been a while. I am finding myself a little nervous and excited. This race will be so different because our training group is running it together. I imagine it will be slow, as we are all the turtles of the group (scary that I may be the fastest and most fit in the group….as well as the youngest). But I am looking forward to starting with my lady gang and finishing with them as well. I miss my old running partner that I started this journey with- she had some serious health issues that have kept her off the roads with me.

Life is continuing… though working in a running store is really making me rethink my fitness and want to be better. I am feeling a wee bit inspired and thinking that it’s time for me to do more than just plod along in the back………..We’ll revisit this after school starts.

Did I mention I got a teaching job???? YES! I’ll be teaching special ed in the city- urban setting. I am so looking forward to the complete change of pace! I left an upper middle class, predominantly white school district where just about everyone I worked with was a Trump supporting Republican.  I’m headed into the ‘hood and I’m totally ready for it! I have some friends who work in urban districts and they recommended some reading for me.35146950_10155269809226370_8543033613552189440_n.jpg

I’m excited about the new adventures!!!

I’m looking forward to more blogging about school over on my website! I have so many ideas and hopes and plans!

In other news, our septic has been replaced, our yard is getting mowed on the reg, the dogs are finally feeling comfortable, and one day we will be all unpacked…… 😉

Have a great week!

Just a quickie

Since someone is always watching…. I like to keep y’all up to date on all our goings on…

We moved. We bought a 4 bed/2 bath home on half an acre of land. It’s glorious and next year? CHICKENS! I’m so excited!

The house is perfect- all remodeled, with all new kitchen appliances, granite countertops, new roof, new hot water heater…. It’s really very pretty 🙂


Just look at my beautiful subway tile backsplash! SQUEEEEE!!!! I LOVE SUBWAY TILE, esp in all white! And that knife set? A housewarming gift….. It’s called The Ex…. and it cracks everyone up!


And this yard….. I just can’t get enough of the view……


The move was a little insane- we wanted to hire movers, but decided “We could do it!”…. well, we did it…. but it sucked. And we spent that money on other things… (perhaps like that new car in our driveway? yep.)

We are all moved. I got a summer teaching job, a few interviews lined up for next year, and a job at the local running store. I also joined a 5k training group and registered for a 5k at the end of the month and a half in September. I am ready to be back!!

Our yard is like living in the Wind in the Willows… we’ve got frogs, turtles, snakes…. foxes and coyotes… This is definitely not city living!!


And at the same time that we were packing and moving, I finished my 2 year Masters program…. b/c why start something you aren’t planning on finishing, right?


32917722_10155219734226370_3335622922361372672_n              33769818_10155236465256370_5172662382836580352_o

These last few months have been surreal, but I promise to keep writing so you guys will have all the details you crave.

Much LOVE!

Live Vibrantly!






I imagine anything can be micro.

micro dog? micro husband? micro job? micro loan?


IDK but I just keep coming back to micro penis.  Maybe bc my gf and I were just discussing it… it’s just a funny thing that I  had never given any thought to. I had encountered it many times….. but never knew it had a name.  It’s an unfortunate issue… and being someone who doesn’t really care about size, it never occurred to me to care. I just imagined it works like boobs. Some are big, some are small, some hang lower, some are perkier…. who knew?

And I sure do wish that a micro loan was just a very small amount of money that would pay for everything. Like, I want a house… MICROLOAN! I want a car… MICROLOAN! PhD School loan….. MICROLOAN! Doesn’t matter how much the things are, a microloan always covers it….

And friends don’t let friends use Microsoft explorer……


via Daily Prompt: Micro

We found a house!

It finally happened. I’m happy, b/c god damn, I’m freakin tired of looking at other people’s CRAP.  We saw a lot of crap, a lot of weird shit (like the house that was decorated on every wall with SWORDS), and finally finally finally found our dream property.

We are under contract, got the inspections in process, and moving along….

Some quick hits:

4 bedrooms


no oil heat!

wood floors

2 full bathrooms

a detached garage and shed

a deck

and completely remodeled, new roof, new heat, hot water etc….

but the very best part of the whole thing is that this adorable house sits on a HALF ACRE OF FLAT LAND. A half acre. I couldn’t even believe it.

Our property is basically a park. And its completely fenced in already.

I’ve been daydreaming about all the things we are going to do in that yard…. the hot tub, the fire pit… the GARDEN!!!! No more gardening in pots…. I can actually have my dream of a Bee Garden! And composting….. and maybe I’ll be able to have the chickens, goats, and bees I’ve always wanted to raise as well.  I like the idea of growing our own food…. and taking care of the planet at the same time…


We are just so damn excited! I cannot wait to get the hell out of North Jersey.


And a month goes by….


I’m sitting on the couch between two snoring dogs. Making lists and planning out the next 3 months.

We are on the hunt for a house…. moving out of state…. putting our things in order….getting the whole process started.

We are sorting our belongings, getting rid of stuff. We are donating as much as we can- clothing to the Lupus foundation (or whomever is picking up that week), books to the library and schools and to our friends kids.  Our old, crappy, second hand couches out to the curb (they look pretty, but man they are not even close to comfortable), along with some other old furniture we no longer want to drag around with us.

And the house hunt…. man oh man. There sure is a lot of crap out there.

We have a small list of must haves-

4 bedrooms (with a compromise at 3 if we love everything else)
en suite bathroom in the master (but again, we can compromise as long as everything else is perfect and we love it)
Open floor plan- neither of us is a fan of closed off rooms
basement and garage (but again we would be happy with either but not neither)
2 full or 1.5 baths
fenced in yard


That can’t be too much to ask, can it? You’d be surprised. We have so far looked at 30 houses. Yes, you read that right. It was not a typo. 30. 3-0. THIRTY. We found a 5 bedroom we loved, put an offer in, got the shit end of some shady realtor work, and pulled that offer before the contract was even signed. A second, 3 bedroom house we loved but it just wasn’t enough yard and it was not fenced.

So onward to this weekend.  We narrowed down our list and I think, I hope, this is the weekend the magic happens. I have a really good feeling. All of them have fenced yards, garages and 4 or more bedrooms. One has a soundproofed room already, which is what my musician husband loves. All of them are open floor plans with more than enough bathrooms….some of them even have sheds and hot tubs! And all of them face the road, no weird side facing oddballs like last time.

The nice thing about the areas we are looking is that the neighbors are not on top of each other. That’s the thing about Jersey. Or at least the thing about the area of Jersey we are in now. I love it, don’t get me wrong. I’ve lived here a little more than 6 years…plus or minus the previous 37 years…. but I am so tired of looking outside and just seeing my neighbors houses. And their yards. And the lack of privacy. And even when you get out into the next few towns from here, the houses are so close, you can’t always tell where one yard ends and the next begins. PACKED IN TIGHT.

No thanks.

And most of the communities we are looking at have water privileges, close to the bay, the ocean, or rivers…. and we’ve got stand up paddle boards and kayaks that need a home…

I’m so excited for this round of houses. I just feel really positive that we are going to find something this weekend.

And I have several in person interviews coming up in the next few weeks for teaching jobs in DC.

And I graduate with my MS in less than 4 months.

I feel like we hit a low point right before Christmas, with illnesses and deaths, and then more illnesses, and some near deaths in January, that we are due for some positive stuff to happen and it seems like it is on the horizon.

I cannot wait to move. I love a new, vibrant adventure. A new downtown and a new city to explore, new faces, new places, hiking, biking, running, and hopefully some good health news or everyone. I’m just so tired of ducking out of sight in the local supermarket in order to avoid the people I don’t want to run into in town. And tired of sharing a fence and backyard with people I don’t want to have to always talk to.

What is Life but one Grand (vibrant!) Adventure?

Totally Cuckoopants

Wow. So it’s been kind of a while. Are you still out there? I’m still here, and not here…and sometimes just…. existing some days and some days not.

Autoimmune diseases are the worst, they steal a small part of your life away every time there’s a flare. I’ve been dealing with some out of control anxiety and depression…brought on by the cancer diagnosis of someone close to me. Never fun. Never good. And far too familiar for me. Cancer sure doesn’t leave anyone alone.

I am also freezing to death in this horrible winter arctic nonsense.  New Jersey is COLD people. Like negative temps for weeks, cold. And one of the perks of my disease is sensitivity to COLD. So winter’s been a fucking blast.

Another great part of the disease? Not only do I get to suffer it’s symptoms, but I ALSO get to suffer the symptoms of it’s opposite disease. Doesn’t that sounds JUST AMAZING? What? No? Well. Right. So I swing back and forth between the Hashimoto’s symptoms and the Graves symptoms.  Alternately shivering and sweating in our 67 degree house, a sometimes puffy face around the eyes, and dropping weight like its my job.

So the dropping weight part I don’t really mind, as prior to diagnoses I had put about 30 additional pounds onto my 5’3″ frame…. I’ve currently dropped that entire 30 plus about 5-10 more. It’s nice to have jeans that I can take off without unbuttoning now….haha! And the belly is mostly just a small round bump rather than the somewhat flabby, hanging over the top of my pants when I sit, mess it was before!


Not so easy to see the big difference, but I see it and know its there. I’ll have to pull that dress out and see how it looks now, a year later. 🙂

Healthwise, besides the daily symptom struggle, I’m doing really well. I’m just saddled with some sadness and knowing that life is going to change in a major way any minute….


In other news, I’ve always said I wanted to get the hell out of Jersey. Well. We are finally doing it. Moving south as we have talked about for the last 2 years. I’ll fill you in more when we finally find a place, but come May 15, we’re out of here. Won’t it be nice not to trip over my last three exboyfriends and their significant others every time I want to go out about town?! Yes it will. It’s funny though, b/c those exs were the same people who never wanted to settle in Jersey, never wanted to have families here for fear of whatever Jersey had rubbing off on them and their spawn… and look whos moving away? ME. Y’all can have all the Jersey, all the time come May. Hope that offshore drilling doesn’t ruin your beach time.

The prospect of buying a house and moving out of state is terrifyingly exciting! I love change! I worked for a company once who’s motto was Change or Die. And it’s true. If we don’t change, adjust our lives, shake things up or whatever, we will die a slow stagnant death, wishing we had made the changes back when we had time.


So thats it for now, I plan to try really hard to make sure I post more, and keep you up to date about all the things.

Stay Vibrant!