How Many Steps…?

Some couple friends of mine (as in two people married to each other “couple”) got Garmins…. so now we are  in a steps challenge.

When did I get so god damned competitive?

I am currently 17,000 steps ahead. And I think it ends tomorrow.

This challenge has pushed me to stick to my training so well this week! I managed to meet or exceed my 10,000 steps per day goal 5 out of 7 days- mostly exceeding by 2000-9000 steps. I don’t know what got into me!

But I haven’t felt this good at the end of a week in a while.

Training on track all week, and hit my goal of 7.5 miles today! (which ended up being over 16,000 steps!).

AND my pace wasn’t that bad, and I ran a faster 10k than last time 🙂 I am freaking thrilled.

Tonight movies, tomorrow the beach, and Monday….VACATION.

I plan to take a little running break this first week of vaca, give my achy IT band a little bit o rest….. then hit a couple of short runs the second week when I travel down to South Florida for the remainder of my trip.

Oh man. It’s gonna be FRAKKING HOT down there!

Cannot wait to get away! It may be a solid two weeks before I post again, but have no fear, if something awesome happens, I’ll try to get something posted from my phone. xoxo

Also, please, everyone say a little prayer that kitty doesn’t decide to cross the bridge while I’m away……please.


Keep it Vibrant!


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