I’m a fat, slow, lazy runner who does it b/c its fun.  Not to be fast, or win, but mostly b/c I love calling myself a RUNNER. (I don’t jog.)

I have run about 25 5k’s, a half, and a full. I have no expectation of winning, my goal is to finish and do as well or better than last time. And just not be last. Though if I was last, that would honestly be ok, but not a goal I want to strive for.

I was diagnosed in October 2016 with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, unmedicated, and have changed my entire lifestyle/eating habits to combat this as best I can. I am gluten free, nut free (allergic!), soy free (as much as I can), nightshades and cruciferous veggies are limited and/or cooked.

I take vitamins and eat healthy-ish.

And I’m just doing my best to live my life as vibrantly as possible.  We only get this one life and this one body and I want to enjoy every moment I have.